The World

The Nature of the World

We aren’t sure of the state of the world outside our own lands as any map made prior to the last few decades are wildly inaccurate. When comparing and contrasting the maps, in the last few hundred years the landscape has changed greatly- mountains where there was once rolling plains, swamps where there once stood deserts and lakes in the middle of what was once cities if the maps are to believed.

The last hundred years or so has seen the beginning of a renaissance kindled among the intelligent races. People have begun attempting to remake the maps of this new world, while those who consider themselves scholars are seeking to gather into conclaves, and in more populated areas, colleges. They seek to teach others the wisdom they have gleaned and spread the education to the mostly unlettered masses. This creates a need for trade between communities, farmers to grow produce, and soldiers to protect it all.

There is still much that needs done however. We know where the Elven forests are, but we have no way to contact any of the Elves who live there. Any who enter their woods either wake up to their food replaced with directions on how to exit the area, or are simply never heard from again. Not even those of Elf blood have made contact with their forest cousins.

The Dwarves are only slightly better. They will trade and communicate but only through their own merchants. None are allowed entry to the Dwarven tunnels much less the Thaigs or Kingdoms. Apparently even their own traders are no longer allowed entry to the Kingdoms. They are forced to resupply at the Thaigs closest to the surface and then sent back out. None will speak of the state of the Dwarven Kingdoms, however.

Halflings and Gnomes still count themselves among our allies though the former are mostly nomadic and roam the country side while the latter confine themselves to their work. The Halfling nomads have aided us greatly with the mapping process though, and Gnomish science has brought many wonders back to us.

Orc camps, while not necessarily open to travelers are willing to trade game and goods with caravans and offer protection to any who are willing to abide by their laws and camp near enough to their walls.

The World

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