The Lost Divines

If the gods still exist, or even ever truly existed, is a point left to very open and violent debate. However there is no arguing that these are the names and understandings that were once dedicated to such concepts as deities.

The Exemplars

Isithel – Goddess of Peace
Vothak – God of Light
Nythel – Goddess of Life
Kalrilak – God of Healing

The Impartials

The Lady – Goddess of Luck Circumstance (Name not spoken due to taboo)
Fate – God of Fate (No known name given)

The Atrocities

Yog-Isith – God of War
Shub-Voth – Goddess of Darkness
Shub-Nyth – Goddess of Death
Yog-Kal – God of Disease

The Lost Divines

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