The Lady

The Lady, as she is known, is one of the harder of the old deities to describe. Or, that is to say, she was. In the old texts there is a great deal of hem’ing and haw’ing about who she was and what she represented. Simply speaking her name, or more appropriately her divine purview, was believed to be enough to ensure that she would flee from you. She was typically referred to simply as The Lady, She-of-green-eyes, or for those who liked to live dangerously Elle (A phonetic pronunciation of the letter “L”)

She had no clergy, though her followers and adherents were everywhere despite the fact that her attention could be beneficial, adversarial, or simply non-existent. Occasionally it was all three at the same time. She had no true established symbol of her favor, though often simply a pair of disembodied green eyes were drawn in places where her influence was felt. Any time someone decided to build a temple, effigy, or shrine to her it would quickly be destroyed by seemingly random chance. Tales of people tripping over their own feet and smashing shrines abound. There is even one purported incident of a temple being torn down by a young ascetic who decided to take a small piece of brick from the wall as a relic. A piece no larger than a man’s thumbnail caused the entire place to collapse into rubble if the tale is to be believed.

She was the greatest rival, and occasional supporter, to Fate. It is believed She often led those who felt entrapped by Fate’s plans to find freedom through seemingly small innocuous events. Other times she is believed to have brought them back into line with his plans through a seemingly impossible series of unfortunate events.

If there is a lot of “believed to have”-s and purportedly-ies it is because her domain was Luck. * All have called upon her at one time or another, and all have felt her kiss, or bite. This is perhaps why she was viewed as one of the most powerful of the lost gods. She and Fate kept the other two groups from open warfare despite the uneven numbers.

  • Note: I have chosen to scratch out the offending word in order to keep with aesthetic of the mysteries of old. Not, as some have said, because I have misplaced this journal or spilled my inkwell 13 times in the past ten-day. It is simply laughable to hear this superstitions from my “peers” in this day and ag…. (Here it appears the quill broke).

The Lady

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