The Divine

The Nature of the Divine

No one really knows the history of what happened, or if they do they aren’t stepping forward with any sort of account. Whether the gods truly existed at one time or if they were only ever some charlatan’s ruse is still a matter of some debate. There is evidence that the divine and the profane once battled each other here using mankind as their demagogues, their weapons and their shields. Shattered temples, half rotten texts and bloody stones tell stories of the rites that were once enacted on behalf of those who claimed power over this world, yet if they truly existed then where have they gone? Why have the gone? Their absence is the greatest evidence of their failure to exist in the first place. Either way this gives us our first, and greatest Truth.

No clerics, paladins, oracles, or inquisitors exist in this world
Divine casters have no font of power to draw from. People who study these archaic beliefs still exist but they are philosophers, poets, or madmen. They have no divine power, no great healing abilities or miracles to work in the name of those they might have once served. They are, at best, clerks and students of history. At worse they are shysters and confidence men seeking to glut themselves on the sweat of another’s brow.

All this is not to say that the sources of positive and negative energy are sealed off, however! Scholars and arcanists have learned to tap into some of this power, though with some difficulty, for truly it is nothing more than energy like fire or water, which can be used to bring renewal or destruction. There is also word that there may still be druids walking the earth. None have been seen lately but if they do exist they may still have some of their old power to bind wounds. Finally alchemists have taken a more scientific approach to things and learned to bottle and encapsulate mixtures that work in much the same way as the old clerical spells.

This leads us to our second Truth:
People who know of the requirements are able to use a modicum of divine energy, as well as it’s antithesis via rituals and rites.

A hard list of all spells that are allowed is not likely to be typed up. A quick rule of thumb is that if a spell uses Positive or Negative energy it is likely to still work, though it will likely be a higher level than listed. If it uses a Profane or Divine source however, it’s not likely to exist in this world. All of this is, of course, subject to DM discretion in the end.

Certain divine magics still smolder and persist in the world. In the right places, under the right circumstances, with the right rituals, one might coax the these sparks into short blast of divine power, but in so doing they will be reduced to smoking coals. Most rituals require enough work and preparation to make it impractical to use them for low level spells. They are best reserved for more powerful effects.

The Divine

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