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The world has grown dark. Seek your light! Share it, hoard it, steal it from others or give it as a symbol of hope, it’s up to you how you, and your dimmed world, will proceed.

The world in which you live is one of ruin; a sinking ship where those with the power to flee have already done so leaving behind all those too weak or foolish to follow in their steps. At least that’s what the cynics, those who call themselves Misotheist’s would have you believe. They can be found “preaching” on whatever street corners still provide them shade and at least some protection from being pelted with stones and rotten fruit. “This world is doomed and the gods have fled with their tails tucked between their haunches. The world may be dying but we will die with our pride rather than call to those who are not even near enough to hear us.”

Then again, those of a less dramatic mindset believe these doomspeakers to be madmen who are unable to accept the changes required to survive this world. Things may have been difficult before what with the old maps being grossly inaccurate and seasons somewhat inconsistent, but that is not to say there is no improvement to be seen. Broken temples reconverted to useful buildings, progress being made at re-codifying knowledge and new maps being drawn. There have even been talks of trying to make peace and establish trade with the Elven Nations, decades withdrawn into their dark forests.

Of course, this is all highly debated, ridiculed, or ignored depending on the social clime. What truly matters are your day-to-day needs. Food, water and good steel will keep you alive far longer than any philosophers musings. To that end you have decided to take to a life of adventure in spite of, or in some cases because of your thoughts on the state of the nation. Finding answers is well and good, but finding work and food is paramount.

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